plastic pollution

plastic was invented in 1907 which is a long time ago.
plastic is bad because plastic is use as an every day thing and once you are done with it you are just going to throw the plastic away and when you throw it away the rubbish man comes and takes all you rubbish and then they take it to a building full of rubbish and that is where they sort out the rubbish and then they put it in the ground and then cover it with dirt but if you miss a bit of rubbish then it can end up in the ocean then it floats away.
sometimes the rubbish floats away and then makes a plastic island but other times the plastic can sink and then the animals in the ocean can mistake it as the animals they eat and then they can die for example: turtles eat jelly fish so if you throw a plastic bag in the ocean then the plastic looks a bit like jelly fish and then the turtles eat it and then the air in the plastic makes the turtles float and if they float boats don’t see them and then the boats hit the turtles and they die and that is very sad.

You should not use so much plastic instead use something that is biodegradable.

Exploring other blogs


When I went to other blogs, I thought wow this blog is amazing for example they had cool moving backgrounds and they had lots of pets that were really cool.


I was surprised when I saw how Sarah lad out her blog, with the emojis as her secret langued.

I was also surprised by Autumnโ€™s blog and how colourful it was.


I was in inspired to put more yellow in my blog.


โœจ๐ŸŒบsarah๐ŸŒบโœจautumnโ€™s bloG


I have the links to Sarah and Autumnโ€™s blog here check them out they are really cool.

about me page

hi i'm Xanthia and this is my about me page
my favourite colour is yellow and i love wearing it like on my avatar
my favourite animal's are ducks and giraffes
my favourite food is ice cream but we don't have any at home because my dad is lactose and tolerant
my favourite song is rare by Selena Gomez
i love to dance but i don't go to dance lessons so that i can do what i want to do with out any one telling me what to do
i also love to bake even though i don't now how to cook, i pretend i have a cooking show when i'm in the kitchen
i have an older brother he is really tall
i also have a mum and a dad and i love them lots
i am a very joyful person
i love animals lots and lots
when i am older i want to be a artist because art is so much fun to me and it comes easy to me to get in to the art zone
 i made this just so that you now ;)

country of foucus week

Cambodia is located in Asia.

Phnom Penh is the capital city of Cambodia.

Cambodia is located in the northern hemisphere.

The population in Cambodia is 16.72 million.

The national language of Cambodia is Khmer.

The currency in Cambodia is Cambodian riel.

One thing that Cambodia has with Australia is that they trade things.

One intersting fact is the largest religious structure ever built is Angkor Wat which is in Cambodia.

The countries that share a border with Cambodia is Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam all of these countries are located in Asia

blog comment’s ๐Ÿ˜œ


  1. This one made way more sense and it sounds like a real comment and that is why I rate it 9/10
  2. It didn’t make much sense and itis not commenting on anything so I rate it a 2.5/10.
  3. This one starts great and it sound’s ok soย  I rate it a 7/10
  4. This one does not start well and the spelling is horrible I rate it a 2/10
  5. I think this one is super good I rate it a 10/10
  6. it starts ok but then it starts to get horrible so I rate it a 1/10
  7. this one is so short and itis, not really long so I rate it a 1/10
  8. itis good a bit rude but it makes sense so I rate this one a 9/10

200 word’s

in a cold winter night in a caborn in the middel of a forest in cannad there was a little girl with her family and that night it was Christmas and the little girl was so exited that night she slept waiting for Christmas to come and santa to lay the presant’s under the Chistmas tree, but tonight santa wasint coming nor were the normal raindear’s she had heard of but there was always one more raindear and its name was berry and she was clumsy and silly and never took flight in her life she was scared but it was her time to go and fly because the other raindear’s had already left to give the presant’s to the children of the world, so of whent berry she got it strat away but she didnt perfect it and half way wiel foloing her felow raindear’s she droped down to the ground and landed in the middle of a jungle she was lost and had run out of magic dust and she didnt know were to go so she walked and walked mile’s antill she found a caben in the jungle she was scarde but it was the only place to go and it looked like it was about to snow so she whent in side